Healing Complex PTSD Symptoms--

Jean's Story


Jean, 2013


Dear Readers-- 

 The purpose of this web site and my blog http://healingabusecausedcomplexptsd.blogspot.com/ is to inspire you to get help, and, if you have already found help, to hang in there and get relief from your symptoms if you are an adult suffering the effects of childhood abuse and/or spousal abuse and domestic violence. 

On this website I will tell you a bit of my own story so that you can compare your experience with mine.  I will also describe my own PTSD symptoms so that if you are unfamiliar with the symptoms of PTSD, you will get an idea as to what they are.  I will also supply links to reputable and reliable sources of information to help you in your attempt to understand PTSD and its symptoms.  On my blog mentioned above, you will find more specific information related to my journey through therapy as I heal from past traumas and alleviate the symptoms of PTSD that have made my life miserable for almost seventy years.

How can you know if you have PTSD?

Untreated trauma damage caused by abuse frequently creates a condition known as PTSD.  A few common symptoms of PTSD are "spaciness," flashbacks, emotional numbing when under stress, feeling as if you are not present in your body, and feeling invisible. If you have PTSD, you may be hesitant to talk about your symptoms because you may be afraid that other people will think you are weird or "crazy."  You will find more specific information on trauma and PTSD symptoms as you read the pages on this site.

In the past, much of he publicity surrounding PTSD has tied the symptoms to people returning from war. Now, however, the media have brought PTSD into public awareness, and many people now realize that the problem is not limited just to people returning from war but that it also can occur in anyone who is exposed to violence and abuse--including child sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

In addition to PTSD, a condition exists called Complex PTSD or C-PTSD. This condition often appears in people who have been traumatized over a long period of time.  People who have lived in domestic violence situations, have been held captive, or who have undergone abuse regularly over a long period of time often show symptoms of C-PTSD. 

The good news is that PTSD and C-PTSD are TREATABLE, and trauma damage can be healed!  If you have PTSD or C-PTSD, you are NOT crazy!  If you have a skilled therapist, you can gain freedom from the symptoms of both conditions.

You can do this!

More good news:  Medicare now helps pay for therapy!  Also, therapists skilled in helping people with PTSD are available in many clinics that have a sliding fee scale.  Why continue to suffer from PTSD symptoms when you can now find help in alleviating them?

I am not a mental health professional; I am a writer recovering from PTSD.  I hope that the pages on this site will give you information and inspiration and lead you to find qualified help.

Important Note:

If you find yourself in distress as a result of reading any material on this site, please call your therapist, your local mental health crisis team, or 911. 

To contact me directly:  jeanfairgrieve15@gmail.com


To follow the process of my healing, please see my Google blog:  Healing Abuse-Caused Complex PTSD.